Top Reasons Why Seasonal Heating Maintenance is Important

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Heating maintenance

While you plan and prepare for Seasonal parties and dinners, it is also time to start preparing for the oncoming winter. Before harsh weather sets in, the most important thing to do is to ensure that your furnace is in proper working condition. During the offseason, your furnace can be affected by many factors, so seasonal heating maintenance is important. It will prevent any sudden breakdowns, ensure that the furnace is running effectively and that the utility bills are under check.

Why Scheduled Heating Maintenance is Important

Scheduled maintenance of your heating system is recommended every Winter. Here are some things to look at:

Efficient operation of your heating system

Seasonal maintenance ensures optimal heating during winters. When the cold weather strikes suddenly, the last thing you want is your furnace blowing cold air, no air at all, or not maintaining the right temperature. Timely heating maintenance would ensure that issues are identified early on and repaired, and your family stays warm and comfortable even during the coldest months.

Prevent sudden breakdowns and expensive repairs

During harsh winters, when the temperature drops down considerably, your furnace should not stop working abruptly. A timely tune-up ensures that the heating system serves you through the season without interruption. Also, timely repair of small issues ensure that they do not turn into something more serious. If ignored, these issues may require much expensive repairs.

Maintains air quality

The heated air is distributed in your house via ductwork and vents. During seasonal maintenance, the professional will clean any dust and debris from the ductwork. They will also remove the vent covers and clean all the airborne pollutants. Air filters are also replaced during the service call. This ensures less pollutant and pathogen exposure. Your family will breathe clean and fresh air through the winter. It will also prevent allergies, skin irritation and other problems caused by poor indoor air quality.

Prevents carbon monoxide leaks

Horror stories of the dangerous carbon monoxide leaking into homes are not uncommon. In some cases, families are poisoned by the odorless and colorless gas. A seasonal heating maintenance service always includes a heating safety inspection wherein the professional looks for heat exchanger issues that may become serious. They check for damage or cracks in the heat exchanger, which may pose a risk of carbon monoxide leaks. Even blocked vents and inability to clean the furnace and associated components can cause carbon monoxide leaks. These problems are taken care by the seasonal heating maintenance.

Keep heating costs from rising

It has been shown that effective maintenance can reduce heating and cooling energy costs by 5-40 percent depending on the equipment involved. If you do not give your furnace a routine tune-up, it will wear down faster. The burners will struggle to produce enough heat and there will be extra friction on the motors and the furnace will need more power to run. This can cause a spike in heating bills. Scheduled, preventive maintenance can prevent all these problems and keep heating costs from rising.

Extended equipment lifespan

Seasonal heating maintenance can significantly prolong the life of your heating system. The technicians check all the inner components and repair or replace some of these components if required. Even the smallest of issues can be uncovered during the scheduled maintenance service and prevent them from causing extensive damage to the system.

Peace of mind

The most important thing you gain from seasonal heating maintenance is peace of mind. You can stay assured that you and your family will stay warm and comfortable even in the harshest of winters, and that there will be no sudden breakdowns.

Seasonal heating maintenance should be carried out by only trained technicians. DIY maintenance can do more harm than good. So, you must let a professional team handle the maintenance so that you can take care of other important tasks.

Do you need a reliable and professional to check your furnace this season, contact us. We’re here to help!