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No hot water? Water not as hot as it should be?  When you have water heater problems in Norwalk and lower Fairfield County, CT Hellas Air Temp can help.

We work with gas, electric and oil fired water heaters.  All water heater repairs are completed by licensed and insured professionals.

Do you have any of these problems?

  • No hot water
  • Water too hot
  • Not enough hot water
  • Strange water heater noises
  • Discolored or smelly water

Call Hellas Air Temp right away, we offer 24/7 emergency services to home and business customers.

24-hour emergency services available!

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No Hot Water? Here's What you can do

Step 1: Check the fusebox to see if the system has tripped and cut power to the system

Step 2: Check if the pilot light has gone out (most modern systems do not have a pilot light).  If it is out, try igniting following the manufacturer’s recommendations, if you smell or suspect gas do not re-ignite, contact a professional.

Step 3: Check the water pressure.  Water pressure should be between 1 and 1.5 bar.

Step 4: Check the thermostat is high enough.  If there’s no reading you may need to change the batteries. 

Step 5: Check the timer is correct.  Sometimes power cuts and accidental knocks can throw it out.

Step 6: Reset if you are able to.  Some water heaters have a reset button on the outside, others on the inside. If it is on the inside do not attempt to reset it yourself, leave this to a professional.

Step 7: Check for a frozen condensate pipe.  If it’s really cold outside the pipe running out of your boiler and outside may be frozen.  In which case you will need to thaw it.

Step 8: Still no hot water?  Contact a professional such as Hellas Air Temp.  

Hellas Air Temp provides water heater repair services and emergency services to customers in Norwalk, CT and the rest of lower Fairfield County, including Darien, Westport, Stamford, Greenwich and New Canaan.

24-hour emergency services available!