Radiant Heating Installation & Replacement

Underfloor & Wall Infrared Radiant Heating for Homes & Businesses

Thinking about installing radiant heating in your home? Do you already have radiant heating that’s in need of servicing or replacing?

What is Radiant Heating?

Radiant heating supplies heat to walls and ceilings using ifrared radiation. This heat can spread and travel until it hits a solid object, the heat is then absorbed and the surface is warmed up. Infrared radiation is completely safe and should not be confused with UV light. Infrared is found naturally emitted from the sun, and commonly in fireplaces and other types of heaters. Some of the most common rooms for radiant heat are bathrooms, kitchens, basement and bedrooms located over a garage or unheated space.

Benefits of radiant heating


Efficient heating


Radiant heating consumes less energy than other heating methods such as traditional radiators. Radiators need to be heated to (between 149-167 degrees Fahrenheit / 65-75 degrees Celsius) to heat a room effectively, underfloor heating however can operate at a temperature of (84 degrees Fahrenheit / 29 degrees Celsius or less). This does however depend on the type of flooring and size of the room.


No cold spots


Radiant solutions heat the whole floor or wall, so there won’t be any cold spots.


No maintenance


Radiant floor heating systems do not require maintenance. They are designed to work for around 25-30 years without problems, twice as long as a standard furnace.


Space savings


The technology that powers the radiant heat is hidden out of sight. No need for radiators filling up your rooms. Keep your space clean and clear to do whatever you like with.,


Works with all surface types


Radiant floor heating can work with tile and stone, carpet, wood, laminate and vinyl flooring.


Is Radiant Heating Right for You?


Radiant heating is not typically suitable for whole-house heating; it’s possible but it is more common for homeowners to install it in individual rooms such as their bathroom or kitchen. Radiant heating is often considered a supplementary luxury, adding to your comfort. It is also worth considering that radiant heating can work out more efficient in the long-run, though the initial installation cost may be higher.

 If you want to add a spa like feel to your bathroom, or want added comfort from a heated kitchen then under floor heating could be for you.



Why Choose Hellas Air Temp?


When you choose Hellas Air Temp to install or replace radiant heating in your home or business you know you are dealing with technicians specifically trained in the specifics of radiant heating. 

This type of heating is not alike your standard furnace or boiler and should always be undertaken by experienced professionals. 

Hellas Air Temp has a proven track record working with hundreds of customers in the Norwalk / Fairfield County area since 1978. Take a look at our Google reviews.

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