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Trusted Boiler Repair and Maintenance Service!

Boiler giving you troubles? 

Don’t stay cold, call a top-rated team who will reliably diagnose and repair the problem.

Whether you need an emergency repair now, preventative maintenance or minor repair, Hellas Air Temp is qualified to help.

What are you looking for today?

My boiler isn’t working properly

I want my boiler serviced

I’m looking to install a new boiler

Gas, oil and electric boilers

boiler repair

Need a repair now?

Our boiler repair specialists can help with all kinds of issues with gas, electric and oil-fired boilers including:

  • No heating or hot water
  • Leaking
  • Radiator faults
  • Gurgling, banging or whistling noises
  • Frozen Condensate Pipe

Is it an emergency?

If you smell gas, your boiler is leaking or you have no heating and hot water you can call right now for an emergency service – we serve Norwalk and all of Fairfield County, CT.

Not sure if it’s an emergency or not? Give us a call and one of our technicians will be able to advise you based upon your situation. 

24 hour emergency services

Regular Maintenance Saves on Repair Costs

Keep one step ahead of boiler troubles with a 12-month inspection and service.  

Enjoy peace of mind with the knowledge your boiler is in good health.  Our thorough inspection incorporates  manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure that your boiler operates as it should. Let us help you save money and ensure that your boiler is always ready to keep you warm and comfortable, especially during those winter months.

Call us to discuss our boiler service plans: 203-852-0666

Keep all your HVAC equipment running smoothly

Hellas Air Temp don’t just care for your gas, electric and oil boilers, we’re specialists in all types of HVAC equipment.  Our  ‘Heating and Air Conditioning Program’ provides two seasonal visits and can help you save money on servicing both your heating and a/c.  We have multiple plans to suit each customer.


Benefits of Our Maintenance Program

  • Fewer repairs, breakdowns, and improved system functionality
  • Lower utility bills by reducing energy consumption and waste
  • Extended equipment life
  • Increased heating and cooling capacity

Need a boiler service?

Contact Hellas Air Temp for a trustworthy service and fair price for heat pump installation and service in Lower Fairfield County.