10 Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

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The world is becoming more conscious about the air we breathe outside, air pollution, fumes from cars etc.. But what about the air quality in your home? Not only can dirty air ducts be bad for your health, they can also affect the performance of your heating and air conditioning. It’s important to keep on-top of your air duct cleaning so you don’t end up with problems. It provides the system’s longevity and is also an excellent way to keep your air conditioner working efficiently.

Below are some of the giveaways of dirty ducts and signs that they need cleaning.

1. Visible mold

Mold poses a health risk to everyone living or visiting the premises. Not only will it exacerbate allergies, but mold can also cause respiratory complications. The worst thing is that when mold suspended in your ducts, it makes it easy for it to spread throughout the home.

2. A Dusty home

This is one of the most significant indicators of dirty ducts. If you find yourself in a situation where the surfaces get coated with dust even after you have cleaned up, it is most probably time to clean the ducts up.

3. Rodents and insects

When such organisms make their way into your system, they build up nests and leave droppings; they can also carry airbourne diseases which can spread throughout your home. If you have signs that there are rodents or insects in your ducts, call a professional air duct cleaning company.

4. If the house is new

A home’s air quality can be compromised if the house is newly built. Some dust and debris might have sneaked through during the construction and didn’t get eliminated during the cleanup.

5. If your home has just undergone a repair

No matter how hard the repairers try to close off their work area during repair, there are still high chances that dust will make its way into the air ducts. The fact that you do not want to inhale such particulate matter should prompt you to get your ducts cleaned.

6. A rise in energy costs

Energy costs should be relatively predictable throughout the year. Therefore, if you notice a significant rise in the prices, dirty ductwork might be the culprit. Remember that this reduces the efficiency of your HVAC system, making your heating and air conditioning work harder.

7. Clogged air filters

Yes, you have to change the air filters regularly, but if you have to keep replacing them unusually from time to time, it might indicate a problem with the ducts.

8. Unpleasant Odour

A foul smell coming from your ducts is an indication that there is some unwanted debris in there that needs to be cleaned out.

9. If the airflow is either inadequate or unstable

This is another telltale sign of dirty ducts. You are most likely not to experience quality airflow if the ducts are dirty.

10. Uncomfortable rooms

You might find that some rooms are warmer or cooler than others, or you might find that the air is a bit musty and difficult to breathe freely. These can suggest that you have dirty ducts that need cleaning.


Dirty air ducts can compromise on the indoor quality, which will, in turn, affect the comfort of a home. Therefore, if you notice any of the above signs (of you are in such situations), it would be best to call a technician for air duct cleaning.

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