What is Considered an AC Emergency?

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When your sweltering inside on a searing summer’s day and your air conditioner starts playing up, you know you need a professional, but what if it’s the weekend or at night? Companies like Hellas Air Temp based in Norwalk, offer emergency AC services, but you might be wondering if you really have an emergency on your hands?

Let’s take a look at what might be considered an air conditioning emergency:

No Airflow

You don’t want to be suffering with no cooling, particularly in blistering heat. There are numerous potential reasons your AC system may not be blowing any air. Your system may startup, but not produce any airflow, or it may do neither; it could be a major system failure or something more simple. It’s likely that you’ll need a professional to diagnose the problem.

Your comfort is a priority to us, which is why we are available 24/7 to provide round the clock services for our customers.

Unusual Sounds

Strange sounds can be a symptom of relatively simple problems such as a loose fan belt, or something more serious such as a compressor that’s working at extremely high pressure. This is not at all good for the system and warrants immediate attention. Switch the system off and contact an emergency AC repair service.

Unusual Smells

A burning smell coming from your air conditioner is a sign that there’s a serious electrical fault, or a part has become excessively over-heated. Turn the AC system off immediately and call Hellas Air Temp immediately for help.

A/C Tips in an Emergency

Switch the system off

If you have any concerns about the system and it’s not working, switch it off; this can help to prevent risk to you, and potential damage to the air conditioner.

Don’t open any windows

It may seam obvious but it’s worth remembering. Don’t leave any gaps in your windows, you want to keep any cool air inside and any hot air outside.

Close your blinds/curtains

Did you know that the suns rays radiate heat energy on your carpet, your sofa or any other surfaces that can be reached through the windows? Keep the sun’s rays out by closing your blinds or curtains.

Call Hellas Air Temp

If you have determined that you need an air conditioning professional, you can call Hellas Air Temp who will dispatch a technician quickly any time of day or night, Monday to Sunday. Hellas serves customers in Norwalk, CT and all of lower Fairfield County.

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