Is Your Air Conditioner Ready for the Warm Weather?

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As we move into the warmer weather, your air conditioner will prove to be an essential part of your home and business’s comfort. However, the heating and cooling system is among the largest consumers of energy in a property. At the moment, the weather might seem to be perfect, but as soon we move into the “it’s too hot” summer, you will have to leave your air conditioning system running around the clock for a comfortable home or business. This can mean that if you do not prepare the system ready for all this activity, you will have to cough out a lot of money to cover energy expenses and air conditioning repairs if it breaks down on you.

Below are some of the effective ways to prepare your system for warm weather.

Start by changing the filters.

This tops the list of the most straightforward maintenance practices that you can do to prepare for the warm weather. Even though many people neglect it, filter changes are essential; they should be done at least once every month. They trap unwanted debris and eliminate it from the air that is moving into the system. After some time, the debris might build to the point that the system struggles to pass more air into the system. However, if you change your filters before the warm weather, the system will e ready to run smoothly for quite a long time.

Clean all condensation lines

These are the pipes that carry condensation away from the air conditioning system. Sometimes the pipes clog up, making the system struggle with cooling. It can even lead to extensive damages, some that might even accrue to substantial repair costs or even replacement. However, you can stop this by locating where the pipes drain out, ensuring that the draining is done correctly. Please clean them if they need to.

Have your Air Condition Inspected and Tuned Up

Your system needs a regular tune-up, especially before getting to the warmer months. Yes, you might have performed it yourself the DIY way. However, since you do not have the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct a thorough inspection, you might miss out on the minor issues and problems. Therefore, you need to seek professional help by contacting a technician. They will perform a check and diagnose any issues that might be present in the system. The good thing about them is that they will give you recommendations on what you should do to prevent further damages and prepare for the warm weather.
This is an essential step towards preparing the air conditioner; it will help you avoid surprises when the summer has already rolled in.

If you haven’t yet, Install a programmable thermostat.

There are tons of benefits that come with programmable thermostats. Not only will it keep your home or business in a constant, comfortable state, it also helps to save on energy costs by leveling out temperatures when your home or business hits an optimum.
In addition to this, a programmable thermostat is also convenient; you can easily control it from anywhere, while at work, when pulling through your driveway, etc.


Before we hit the hot months of the year, it is essential to ensure that your air conditioner is ready and in tip-top shape to provide comfort all through while at the same time saving your money. If you require further advice, inspection or servicing to help ensure your air conditioner is ready for the warm weather, contact Hellas Air Temp – serving Norwich, CT and lower Fairfield County. (203) 852-0666