Furnace Cleaning

Fairfield County Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance Experts! 

Keep your furnace working smoothly and the air in your home clear with a professional air duct and furnace cleaning from Hellas Air Temp.

Dust and debris can clog up parts of your blower compartment, reduce efficiency and lead to safety concerns. When your ducts build up with mildew, pet dander and bacteria it can make your home smell, irritate allergies and lead to a generally unhealthy environment.

Depending on your experience and comfort level you may be able to clean some parts of your furnace and duct system yourself. Otherwise Hellas Air Temp is on hand to help.

Benefits of a clean furnace

  • Runs more efficiently – a build up of dirt reduces air flow and causes the furnace to run longer cycles, it can also reduce the heat output of the blower causing the furnace to run for longer.
  • Lasts longer – dirty parts speed up the aging process of your furnace parts, causing them to break down sooner.
  • Safer for you – A dirty heat exchanger can potentially crack and emit poisonous carbon monoxide into your property.

How often should you clean your furnace?

It is recommended that you have your furnace cleaned at least once per year. It is best if you can clean your furnace before and after the winter.

At the very least home and business owners should check their furnace filters each month and clean or replace as needed.

Hellas Air Temp cleans your furnace as part of our yearly inspection and maintenance program. This yearly or bi-yearly service is available to home and business customers in Norwalk and the rest of Fairfield County CT.