Can Ultraviolet (UV) Light Prevent Viruses?

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There is no evidence or proof that UV light will kill COVID-19. The proper testing has not been completed to determine whether this hypothesis holds any validity. COVID-19 is a virus that is wildly unfamiliar and not yet under control.Therefore, manufacturers that are producing UV lamps cannot, with certainty, claim their product is able to disinfect nor aid in the prevention of COVID-19.

There are moist areas within your HVAC system that have potential for bacteria to hang around and develop. UV lamps are often installed in HVAC systems in order to inhibit fungus and microbial growth. When properly installed and maintained, these lamps can reduce microbial build-up, which in turn prevents it from becoming airborne.

Bacteria and virus are two completely different biological species and should not be used in a synonymous manner. Microbial organisms are, by definition, a life form of a very, very small size. Viruses, by and large, are not considered living by scientists. Therefore, when a product claims to be antimicrobial or anti-germicidal they are referring to reduction of bacteria and the prevention of future bacterial growth.

Please do not fall for false claims by manufacturers, contractors or distributors !

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